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The firewalk is a challenge that many people will back away from, assuming it is too dangerous or requires too much focus and courage for them, but that some people feel instinctively drawn to, and ready to undertake.  


This intense experience is in many ways a perfect physical metaphor for life – a path stretching in front of us, full of unknown experiences, and also possible dangers.  When we take the first step into any new experience, as when we step on to the coals, we don’t know what to expect, how it will feel, or what possibilities it may open up.  However, if we have a strong, clear vision of what and where that first step is leading to, and gather our focus and will to get to the end point, we will find that life shapes itself towards our intentions.  Firewalk participants report feeling energised, inspired, motivated, and ready to move forward in life after this feat of courage and focus, and change is no longer something they fear, but something they actively pursue.  What would you change in life if you had the energy and the determination?


An evening firewalk workshop provides you with the opportunity and techniques to fully focus on your own dreams and goals, and to take a first, powerful step towards making them a reality.


Firewalk events are available by arrangement at the venue and time of your choice, please contact us for more information if you are interested in bringing this experience to your area.



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