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TIs it time for you to make a change in life, or to rediscover the enthusiasm, motivation or inspiration you once had?  Do you feel as if past experiences have held you back from achieving all that you’d like to, or feeling the way you want?  Are you ready to let go of what’s holding you back and step into a brighter future?


The firewalk experience is a dramatic and effective means of taking that all-important first step towards new beginnings.  Our firewalk seminars are designed not only to present you with an exhilarating physical challenge, but also to provide the opportunity to symbolically release the past, and commit to the future you want to create for yourself.  Each participant will have their own unique dreams and wishes to walk towards, and each participant will be given support and encouragement in breaking through their fears and doubts, and stepping up to the challenge with clarity and focus.


An event can be organised in your area, just contact us for more info.




Firewalking Northern Ireland