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Firewalking traditions exist all over the world, from Bali to Spain, and these days there is a thriving community of firewalk enthusiasts in the UK, made up of individuals who have summoned the courage to take that first symbolic step onto the hot coals, and discovered the exhilaration of realising that not only can they walk on fire, but they can use the self-belief, determination and focus they discovered during the firewalk to meet other challenges and achieve other goals in life.


In an evening workshop developed over more than a decade of helping people discover their inner fire, we will help participants not just to transform the (understandable!) fear that comes up at the thought of walking over hot coals, but also to use that energy to create excitement, focus and determination to take a symbolic first step into the future, towards your own vision of the future.  The feedback we receive from participants time and again after a firewalk is ‘When I did that, I realised I could do ANYTHING!’.  A firewalk helps you not just overcome the initial nerves at the thought of the coals, but to take the courage you discover out into the world as you move towards your own life goals.


Our firewalk events can be arranged at the venue of your choice in England (full risk assessment and help with organising and marketing an event is all part of the service), and as an established, experienced Firewalk Instructor (and Trainer of instructors), Oona McFarlane has full insurance cover for providing firewalk experiences.



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